About Us

"Joint Family Ventures" founders have a diverse background of transporting clients and delivering goods. At one time, our clients included: Florida Department of Children & Families, One to One Transport, US Navy Recruiting Stations, MTI America and local florists. We are no longer in the business of transporting clients. However, we deliver all types of products from pharmaceutical and medical supplies, hospital records, tires, auto parts and office supplies.

It is our motto, "to provide quality an professional services to all our customers. " Exceptional service is what we strive to offer while maintaining open communication with our clients. Reliability and stability is what you can expect from our highly trained and professional staff.

At Joint Family Ventures, our goal is to ensure every customer is completely satisfied and given the best services at an affordable price. We understand the importance in which companies and individuals need on time services. We specify our services to your specific needs. Joint Family Ventures is a 5 star company that puts your needs first.